No Fall at Kōke‘e

It was that booming sound of rage, so thrilling
to witness the angry sloshup of hydrologic forces,
brimming froth and foam and crashing around in a maelstrom fever,
that hard ever breakdown by geologic time drawing me to it,
shouting my insignificance, so I decided to prove, for some reason,
my worth, prove that I had been here for a time, we all live
in such a small window, if only I even just was
some blip on the screen of history, I leaped over
that pounding stream, one side to what felt like the far other,
the water slamming hard downhill beneath me,
like the darkest kind of black blood pumping uncontrolled below,
my courageous moment, I thought I could almost fly, finding out,
breathless in that instant, about being alive and luck and, looking back,
stupidity, because it would be so all of nothing of care to time
to drown me in that crushing water rush, for me no reason why
other than to feel the force of shot adrenaline
that comes from seeing you can cheat death at least once,
me stretching my living moment a bit more on the green screen,
that’s how this memory snaps at me like deadly gravity.

But hey, that day, I was here.

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