The Fat Man (A Lieutenant David Chan Mystery, Chapter 13)

Chan said simply that there were unanswered questions, but on the way to the station, he could see everything that he’d not been able to spell out for Conrad Jones.

Calvin had been cleaning out that warehouse, getting it ready for the next tenant.  Hidden somewhere, probably trapped inside by the sudden appearance of the Mexicans and their captors, he’d witnessed the questioning and torture the three men.

When the whereabouts of the heroin had been admitted, Cal had been out the door and first finder of the heroin before whoever those interrogators were managed to get to it.

But how did they know that Calvin Jones had been the one to beat them to the Hawaiian Surfrider Hotel?  They’d battered the boy’s father to find out where Calvin was hiding.  There was only one answer he could guess, but he couldn’t believe it might be true.

Once Chan was back in the squad room, the ‘49ers reassembled.  Chin Ho Kelly had come up with good information.  Looking back at the passengers of interest who’d flown into Honolulu over the past five days, he’d come up with a hefty list.  A good number had actually roused his curiosity for a variety reasons, so as Chan had suggested, he’d been on the phone to the Peking authorities.

After running the names, he’d hit the jackpot with a group of five men who’d arrived from Shanghai two days before the Mexicans had arrived from Los Angeles.

“David,” said Kelly, “all five stayed at the Moana Hotel.  All five have extensive backgrounds in everything from drugs, to gambling, to sex trafficking.”

“Sounds like the Chinese equivalent of the Yu family,” said Kauhane.

“Are they Tong?” asked Kalākaua.

Kelly said, “According to Peking, these guys are independent of any Chinese gangs.  The Tong won’t mess with them.  It appears to be one of those let’s just agree to stay out of each other’s way deals.”

“That really is kinda like Kang Yu in Korea,” said Kalākaua.  “The idea that the country’s big enough for us to all mind our own business and still make big money.”

“Yeah,” said Kelly.  “And like Kang Yu, the head guy is supposed to be a real badass, apparently.  His name, get this David, is Wo Chan.  Maybe you’re related?”

Chan rolled his eyes, but the other three found this amusing.

“He’s known as The Fat Man,” said Kelly.

“He’s fat?” asked Chan.

Kelly said, “No, it’s funny, he’s skinny as a bean pole, but he shoots one mean game of pool.  He masquerades as a professional pool player.  Apparently Minnesota Fats’s reputation stretches all the way over to China.  Wo Chan goes by the names of Shanghai Fats, or Fatty Chan, or most commonly he’s known simply as Wo Fat.”

“Anything else?” asked Kauhane?

“Definitely,’ said Kelly. “The thing this Wo Fat seems most known for is sex.  He’s got a real reputation, and not for normal sex, either.  He’s into deviant stuff, S and M, bondage, extreme things.  It seems that among all his other hobbies, Wo Fat has cornered the Chinese pornographic film market.  Maybe even shooting snuff movies.”

“Sounds like a real piece of work,” said Kalākaua.  “Why hasn’t Peking just done the deed and taken him out already?”

Kelly said, “He’s connected everywhere.  You know, the usual story about greasing palms and being in bed with everyone.”

Kauhane said, “Okay, so Wo Fat and his boys come to town to take care of these Mexicans.  Why?  Because the Mexicans are threatening their heroin interests.”

“Right,” said Kalākaua.  “The Mexicans are going to provide a cheaper supply of heroin, and Wo Fat wants that stopped.”

“Which would mean,” said Kauhane, “that when the Yu family was actively selling here, Wo Fat and his people were the source.  Now that Gi Yu is taking the Yu syndicate legit, but because Grampa Kang back in Korea wants to keep his hand in the heroin pot, who’s the new distributor in town?  Who do the Yus trust with that?”

“And beyond that,” said Chan, “who did the Yus trust with that who then turned around and tried to do business with the Mexicans rather than with Wo Fat?”

* * * * *

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