One Son Lost (A Lieutenant David Chan Mystery, Chapter 4)

“How is he?” Chan asked Dr. Oh.

“He’s stable. In and out of consciousness. He should be fine, though the beating was quite severe.”

Chan and Stillman proceeded to Conrad Jones’s’ room.  One stood on each side of the bed, leaning against the railing.  Jones was asleep.

“Sure hope he can tell us who did this,” said Stillman.

Chan nodded.  “There’s something else.  Who knew that warehouse was empty?  It would take a good eye to pick out one of a few vacant places.  I think somebody knew it would be empty.”

Jones came to.  His eyes were swollen shut.  “Who’s there?” he asked.

“Mr. Jones, it’s David Chan.  I’m here with Detective Stillman.  Who did this to you?”

“David, thank God it’s you.  You have to save my son.”

A picture of saving Jones’s son the last time flitted through Chan’s mind.

“Save him?  Sir, what’s happening?”

“They tried to beat the information out of me.  I held up as long as I could.  But in the end I had to tell them where Calvin was.”

“Where he was?” asked Chan.

“Yes, he’s hiding.  He saw what was happened at the warehouse.  He’s a witness they have to eliminate.”

Chan said, “Mr. Jones, can you tell us who they are?”

“No, they all wore ski masks.”

“Did they sound like they were from here?”

“Maybe, maybe they sounded local.  But . . . I don’t know.”

“Where is Calvin hiding?”

“He’s at our beach house.  Out in Ka‘a‘awa.  At least he was.  I hope he was gone when these people got there.”

Jones gave them the address and phone number.  There was no answer.  Chan knew there might be no answer because the men were preventing Cal from getting to the phone.  Or worst of all, Cal could be dead.

The two took off, heading straight up the Pali Highway.

“Why is he a witness?” Stillman asked.

“Who knows?” said Chan.  “I haven’t the slightest.”

They slowed as they approached the house, which was right next to Kamehameha Highway on the beach.  There was a single car.  Chan’s stomach tightened.

Drawing their revolvers, Chan and Stillman worked their way around the house on opposite sides.  They met at the back by a screen door. Stillman gently slid it open.  Chan stepped inside first.

The worst case scenario had come to pass.  Cal Jones’s lifeless body sat tied to a chair.

The two searched the other rooms then came back to the body.

“Geez,” said Stillman, “they really worked him over too.”

Chan nodded.  “Yeah.  And you know, Bobby, that’s not how you take out a witness.  You kill a witness on the spot.  What we have here is people trying to get information out of someone.  Just like they did with his dad.  Calvin knew something.  I’m guessing they got their information, otherwise he’d still be alive, and they’d still be beating him.”

Worse yet, Chan thought, Cal Jones might have been part of whatever was going on.

* * * * *

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