Plan B (A Lieutenant David Chan Mystery, Part Twenty-Six)

“David.”  Yamamoto pulled Chan out of his marriage license mind wandering.  “Take a look at this.”

Yamamoto laid a sheet of paper in front of Chan.

“These are the cars those folks reclaimed yesterday.  In their paperwork seven of the eleven list their car insurance with Island Heritage.  That’s interesting enough, but also the other four are all insured with Territorial.”

Chan nodded.  “Wow, now that is a highly coincidental grouping,” he said.  “I wonder how many of seven might have Hirai as their agent?  And let’s find out who’s handling the insurance for these four at Territorial.”

“I checked Island.  Hirai is da guy for all seven.”

After a call to the Territorial Insurance Company, Yamamoto discovered that a Peter Titchner was the insurance agent handling all the other four cases.

Mr. Titchner was not in the office.  Yamamoto got his phone number and address.  Titchner didn’t answer, but the two headed out to his house anyway.

“It’s interesting to me,” said Chan, “that this side of Diamond Head isn’t famous.  Why do you think it’s only the Waikīkī side you see in photos?”

“Huh,” said Yamamoto, pulling into Peter Titchner’s Wailupe Circle driveway.  “Maybe the guys on this side turn the hoses on anybody who tries to take photos?”

They were in a high-rent district.  To get to Mr. Titchner’s front door, they had to buzz an intercom on an outer, heavy redwood gate.

Chan hit the buzzer again.

“Let’s jump da fuckah,” Yamamoto said, reaching up and grabbing the top of the fence.

He boosted himself.  As soon as Yamamoto’s head popped above the fence, Chan could hear many large dogs begin to snarl and bark just before he felt a great number of them hit the fence.

“Shit,” said Yamamoto looking over the top, “it’s like a frickin Dobermann army.”  He dropped back to the ground.  “We gotta figure some other way.”

“Well,” said Chan, “after your little recon mission here, I’m pretty much convinced that Mr. Titchner is not at home.  I’m all for trying something else.”

“Uh huh.”

“Provided he isn’t lying dead inside there, which I’m perfectly happy to assume is not the case for the time being, since I don’t think anyone could get to him through this canine defense line, or come out alive afterward, let’s try something else.”

The two returned to Yamamoto’s car.  Chan pulled out Yamamoto’s chart.

“Check this out.  How about you go to Territorial Insurance and I’ll go to Island Heritage.  Let’s examine their records to see how many clients of these two guys made claims that were repaired at either Ace Body Shop or Elite Body and Fender.  I swear there must be a connection.”

* * * * *

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Plan B

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