Romance on the High Seas (A Lieutenant David Chan Mystery, Part Twenty-Four

Chan had a second beer, then lay down to try to get some sleep.  He had a bad feeling sleep would be a challenge again.  Just as he began to doze, the phone rang.  It was Nina Goo.

“David, I’m sorry, were you sleeping?”

“No, no.”  He thought about Yamamoto’s caution not to communicate with her.  “Is everything all right?”

“Yes, yes, he hasn’t bothered me again.  Not yet.  Did you find out anything?”

Chan hesitated.  “Anything about . . . ?”

“You know, Byung.  Did he have anything to do with yesterday?”

Should he disclose anything?  He wondered.


“Ah, we don’t know anything more.”  Should he mention it?  “I, I did talk to Byung today.  He claims to know nothing about yesterday.  He claims . . .”

“That I’m not his wife.”

“Yes, right, he says he doesn’t even know who you are.”

“That liar.  David, I swear to you, I am married to that lying psychopath.  He’s going to kill me now for sure.”

“Nina, when and where were you two married?”

There was some silence.  Then it sounded as if she’d begun to cry.  “David, are you saying you don’t believe me?  That you would take that murderer’s word over mine?”

“No, no, Nina, of course not.  If I can simply show him a record of the marriage, then he won’t be able to deny it.”

“And that’ll help you solve this case?  You proving to him that you know we’re married is really the evidence you need to find out that he’s responsible for killing my family yesterday?”

“Well, ah, yes, maybe it is.”

After a long silence, “All right, this, at least, is what you might call romantic.  We were on a trip, a cruise, from L.A. down through the Panama Canal, and up to Fort Lauderdale.  It was a present, something he gave me to make up for a particularly severe beating.  On the spur of the moment, he asked me to marry him.  The captain performed the ceremony.  Romantic, don’t you think?”

Actually, this picture turned Chan’s stomach all kinds of ways.

* * * * *

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the ocean

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