Rebound (A Lieutenant David Chan Mystery, Part Twenty)

Just as his father and his grandfather had been, Lieutenant David Chan was acknowledged as the best detective in the Honolulu Police Department, and he and Sergeant Victor Yamamoto were recognized as the best team on the force given their arrest and conviction record.

Chan’s godfather, Lieutenant Wilbur “Snuffy” Apana, partner of Chan’s father up until Chan’s father had disappeared, had to admit that the dynamic duo performed heads above everyone, perhaps eclipsing even his father’s abilities.

So this was embarrassing.  Chan had allowed feelings for Nina mess him up, had caused him to act unprofessionally.

The memory of his wife haunted Chan, but the prospect of love stirred him.  He knew he’d screwed up.  Now he was determined to get his head back in the game.

Yamamoto hung up.  “She says she was home all day.  Alone.  Which means, of course, she had no alibi.”

“Yes,” said Chan, “yes.”

* * * * *

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