Marriage Question (A Lieutenant David Chan Mystery, Part Sixteen)

Yu’s lip quivered, a spark of anger in his eyes.  “I’m afraid we may never know, Mister Chan.  She disappeared while she was visiting in Korea.”

Chan nodded.  “Oh, yes, I remember.”  He scanned Yu’s mask-like face.  “It’s wonderful that you were able to remarry.”

A slightest tic.  “Yes, it is good.  Once my wife had been declared legally deceased, I married the current Mrs. Yu.  We had been friends for many years, so marriage seemed a small step in the development of our relationship.”

“Really,” said Chan.  “That’s great.  Where did you two marry?”

“Back in Korea,” said Yu.

“Oh really.  Married her in Korea.”

“Yes, Mister Chan, in Korea.  Just over three years ago.”

Chan was good at reading faces.  Yu’s was hard.  “Well,” said Chan, “to answer your question, Mister Yu,  I’m here about what happened at Mō‘ili‘ili Chop Suey Gardens yesterday.  You’re aware of it?”

“Oh yes, Mister Chan, that was all over the news.  A terrible tragedy.”

“Uh huh.  By any chance, did you know the owner, Mister Tong Chee Goo?”

“No, no I didn’t.  But why are you asking me about all of this?”

Chan wanted to crack that iron mask.  “And I’m guessing then that you don’t know his daughter, Nina Goo?”

Yu’s face did change, shift into a practiced look of puzzlement.  He looked genuinely surprised.

“I’m afraid I’ve never heard of her either,” said Yu, after a long moment.  “Should I have?”

“She claims to be married to you.”

* * * * *

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