The Game (Part Seventeen)

I finished typing the story and took the original to HPD.  Chan was out, but Detective Stillman said he’d give him the envelope.

Maybe a week later, Chan called me.  I wondered if he would yell at me.  “Lanning, hey, meet me at the Blue Light Bar and Grill on Friday night around nine.  Can?”

I agreed and arrived early.  The wrestlers Cowboy Cassidy and the Masked Executioner were at the bar again, Cassidy with his Stetson, and whoever it was with his mask on.  I wondered if my friend Jerry had been right, that the Executioner wore his mask all the time because he was someone we might recognize.

The Coffinmaker sat with singer Leimomi Sanchez.

Chan came in, then took hours to get to the table because everyone in the house, including the owner, Rick Yamanaha, wanted to say hello to him.

He was carrying the envelope and finally joined me.  We ordered Primo drafts.  The envelope sat on the table, but Chan said nothing about the story.  The small talk made me antsy.

When the beers finally came, I was most relieved when he suggested a toast to me and the story.

“So you liked it?” I asked.

Chan said, “You obviously spent time going over the trial transcript.  I like the way you fill in details, and, well, exaggerate some.  I like the spirit of your dialog.  Oh, and thank you for changing the names of the people involved, and the key locations.”

We drank several beers, discussing in more detail what was good, what might be changed, and so on.

“You mind me using your real name?” I asked.

Chan laughed and took a huge sip.  “I think it would bother my dad if I had you change it, and for sure my grandfather would roll over in his grave.  The Chans must carry on, I think he’d say.

“I know if Victor were still alive, he’d love that you were using his name.  I can’t speak for the others, but yeah, use mine.  I’ll ask Stillman and Danny Williams and let you know.”

Leimomi Sanchez sang her first set, then joined us.  David introduced me.

“Ah ha!” she said, “So you the guy writing about David, uh?”

This surprised me.  “What?  Well yes.  But how?”

David chimed in.  “Lanning, sorry I told lots of folks in here about your story.  They think it’s a great idea.”

Leimomi said, standing up, “Eh, and if you write about me in a story, make me look good, yeah?”

I promised I would.   She scared me.  

“Okay then, David, do I have your go ahead for other stories?”

“Yes, of course, have at it, Lanning.  I guess you do know,” said Chan, “that this only gets said once.  Lanning, the game is afoot.”

We laughed, then went our separate ways.

On the drive home I thought long and hard.  I had lots more newspaper and trial transcript research to do, but several cases were already calling my name.

* * * * *

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the game

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