Second Thoughts (Part Sixteen)

Yamamoto took one look at Chan and knew something bad had gone down.  “David, you okay?”

Chan shook his head.  He told Yamamoto the story.  “And then, Vic, I’m the one who kills Stenton.”

“Yeah, he’s a scumbag, though,” said Yamamoto.

Chan said, “He was poisoned.  He would’ve died.  It didn’t have to be me.”

“True, David, but eh,” Yamamoto changed subject, “guess what four morons faked a suicide, then, because one wanted to turn himself in, he was pushed off the office tower by the other three?”

“Those three?  Why?”

“Bastards,” said Yamamoto.  “Two would pose as a couple, go to the others’ open houses, and when a potential buyer put in a bid on the spot, they’d counter-offer, driving the price over asking.”

“But why kill the other two?” asked Chan.

“Takahashi cracked.  He wanted to tell Shinsato what they were doing.”

“Shinsato didn’t know?  How could he not know?”

“Well,” said Yamamoto, “they never said he was squeaky clean overall, but they say he didn’t know about this scam.  This one they knew they could go to prison for, including Stenton, the brain behind it.  Enfield wanted to turn himself in for murder, but the other three wouldn’t allow that, so they threw him off the building.”

Chan shook his head.  “And Shinsato was just sitting up there in his office, oblivious to the commotion over Enfield flying off the building?”

“Says he was on a call with their people in Japan.”

That night Chan couldn’t sleep.  He tried to tell himself Stenton would have died anyway.  The next day he dragged himself into the office.  There was a message for him to call Hank Lee at the morgue.

“Hank, it’s David.  What have you got for me?”

“It’s weird,” said Lee, “but there was no trace of rat poison or any other kind of poison in Stenton’s system.  Not only that, but when I examined the bowl and the glass, I found that what he was eating was liquified hamburger and drinking watered down lemonade.  Both had a good dose of salt.  For some genuine effect, I guess.”

Chan hung up.  No bullets, no poison, not even urine or feces.  Damn strange.  And for Lau to pick yesterday of all days to go get Stenton. Who knew but if Chan hadn’t shown up, Lau would have laughed it off at the end of the night and left Stenton there to live out the rest of his miserable life.

Chan’s mind reeled.  Would someone else have killed Stenton?  Well, Chan thought, obviously yes.  That someone was he, Chan.  He’d had the honor thrust upon him of jumping to the head of any line there might have been.

* * * * *

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second thoughts

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