Payment (Part Eleven)

Raising his head, Chan called out, “Police.  Drop the gun.”

Startled, both men looked in Chan’s direction.  Chan, his revolver out of site, moved his index finger to the trigger.

“What?” the man with the gun yelled.  “Who are you?”

“Police.  Drop your weapon.”

The man snugged up to Stenton and pointed the gun at his head.  “No way!  This fucker’s gonna pay!”

Chan took a few beats, making sure he had the kill shot.  Then, “Sir, if you don’t drop the gun, things are going to get bad here real fast.”

“But he has to pay for what he did.”

“Pay for what, sir?”

“For what he did to my mother.”

“Sir, what did he do to her?”

“He killed her.  Last month.”

Chan ran recent cases through his mind.  Nothing clicked.

“Sir, you say he killed her just last month?”

“Yes, yes!”

“I’m sorry to hear this, sir.”  Chan knew he could make the shot, but would the man reflexively pull the trigger too, killing Stenton.”

Hearing nothing from Chan, the man went on.  “She died last month because of what Stenton did ten years ago.”

Chan took his finger off the trigger and let him keep talking.

* * * * *

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