Partners (Part Five)

“Well, since you mention it, Miss Gomes, we’re also finding this hard to believe.”

She gave Chan a quizzical look.  “How so?”

“We’re thinking that this wasn’t a suicide.  It’s starting to look like he was pushed off that balcony.”

“He was murdered?”

Chan nodded.  “Looks mighty like it.”

“Oh my God, that’s even more horrible.  But why would someone kill him?”

“I’m not sure, Miss Gomes.  I’m hoping maybe you can provide me with some insight.  I notice that he’s doing very well with home sales.”

“Well, yes, Bobby is one of our top agents.”

Bobby?  Hmmm.  “And I notice that you are doing great sales as well,” said Chan.  In her eyes, he saw something dart through her mind.  Curious.

“Well, yes, I, I’m having, you know, a good run right now.  People are, they’re moving to O‘ahu all the time.  We’re selling faster, a lot, than we’ve ever sold before.  I’m very lucky these days.”

All the hesitation in her speech gave Chan great pause.  He watched her for a moment.  She’d begun to perspire just a bit.  He noticed a slight tremor in her hands.

“Bobby,” Chan finally said.  “Sounds like you knew him well.”

Miss Gomes offered silence for a few seconds.  Then, “I, we, we’d gone together.”

Chan sat listening, nodding.  Gone together?  Man, it sounded like some sweet-sixteen romance.  Both she and Enfield were well into their thirties.

“Are you using the past tense to mean you don’t go together anymore?”

“No, no, we still do sometimes.”

“Uh huh.  Great.  So when’s the last time?”

Miss Gomes examined the ceiling.   “Oh, maybe two weeks ago.”

“May I ask where you went?”

She looked straight at Chan.  “We went to an open house.”

“You mean you two, together, you handled an open house showing?”

* * * * *

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