Family (200)

The Blue Light was rocking.  Chan sat with six men.  One was Han Lee.

“Lanning,” Chan said, “welcome.  This,” he pointed to one standing man, “is Rick Yamanaha.  He owns this place.  If you’re broke, Rick’ll let you drink free.”

“Hah!” said Rick, “I’ll add it to your tab, David.”

They cracked up.

“These,” he indicated the other two standing, are  50th-State-Wrestling family.  Curtis,” he pointed to the huge Hawaiian, “graduated Punahou, so I pretend to like him.”

Curtis laughed.  “David, here’s a half-assed Go Rough Riders for you, but you know da Buff-an-Blue rule.”

They were having a laugh riot.

“This is Han.” Chan indicated the Korean of solid muscle.  “If you need help, Lanning, these guys are here.”

We all shook hands.  The three headed for the bar.

Chan said, “We four here are diehard Blue Lighters.  We’re currently called Hawai‘i Four-Nine.  Hawai‘i was supposed to be the forty-ninth State.  Alaska snuck in.  We’re officially gonna update our name.  Hawai‘i Five-O.  We joyfully work overtime on special assignments.

“You know Bobby,” Chan said.  “This Hawaiian giant is Kono, and this,” he nodded to an equally large Chinese, “is Chin.”

I shook hands with both.  Their hands dwarfed mine.

* * * * *

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