Piece (250)

“Lanning, do you know who first brought you for your haircuts?”

“My mom, right?”

“Your father.”

I stared at Margie.  “But, so you mean you knew him?”

I used to cut your father’s hair, too.  After he left, your mom kept bringing you here.”  

“If you knew him, how, why didn’t you recognize him?”

“I did, but I’d sworn never to tell you I knew him.  That night, I couldn’t.  We wrote.  He’d always ask about you.  He knew the last time I’d seen you was before you left for Wisconsin.  I wrote that you wanted to major in English, how you hoped to teach.”

“All those years you two wrote?”

“Some.  I should have told you that night.”

I sat there dazed

Margie continued, “When he docked, he came to ask if I had news about you.  I told him you were back, that you were scheduled for a haircut.  He knew you were coming, Lanning.  He came here to see you.”

I said, “And someone shot him on the way here.”

“Yes,” she said.  “That horrible riot.  Someone must have recognized him.”

“Or,” I said, “someone found out about him coming in and shot him between the pier and here.”

Margie said, “Did you know he was working for the Korean government against the Yus?”

I was shocked she knew this.

“Yes, yes, he told me.”

“Your father was a good man.  It’s terrible that he left you and your mother, but he never stopped caring about you.”

* * * * *

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