Searching (450)

I caught the bus back to Pacific Heights.  I sat drinking beer, staring out over Honolulu.  From Chan’s lanāi I could see Papakōlea on the left, and then all the way out west to the Wai‘anaes.  Down in the harbor, I watched the smoke gradually disappear.  By two the fire was dead.

Just as the sun was disappearing, the Lieutenant came home.  He grabbed a beer and joined me.

“It’s still hot in there, but we managed to do a decent search for fire victims.  Looks like the entire crew of the Saga were on board, all in the main cabin.  My guess is when we get in there, we’ll find they were dead before the explosion.”

“So someone killed them and blew up the boat?”


“Why not just kill them?  Why destroy the boat if they knew you’d discover the bodies and know they were murdered?”

“What you told Gi Yu, about your father being alive and getting better, it’s got her spooked, I think.  Killing the crew and destroying the boat, means no support system for your dad, and no way to escape Honolulu conveniently.  They were probably thinking they’d find him on the Saga, too.  Now they have to keep looking.”

“Do you have any idea where else they might look for my dad?”

“Your guess is as good as mine, Lanning, but rest assured, so few people know that we brought him here, I doubt they’d ever figure it out.  It’s you, me, Bobby, my son, the nurse, and the two doctors.  That’s a pretty tight circle.”

“How about the police who’ve been watching the house?”

“They all think they’re here to watch out for you.  None of them knew your dad was here.”

“Oh no, David.  What about the people from O‘ahu Cemetery?”

Chan took a contemplative sip.  “That’s something to consider.  But really, all they know is that a man died here.  I’d guess that the Yus haven’t alerted any cemetery employees, if they know any, to look out for your dad.  They still think he’s alive.  There’d be no point.”

“And the attendants who brought him here to your house?”

“Oh, no, that was me, Bobby, and Doctor Oh.  I’ve known both Oh and Doctor Kamaka for many years, and the nurse, Rogelyn, took care of my wife here when she was dying.  I trust her.”

I said, “I love the idea that my dear cousin may be going nuts trying to figure out where my dad is.  I want to think of her climbing the walls.”

“Yeah,” said Chan, “real high ones.  Like one of her condos.  And when she finally reaches the top, I’m there, and I push her off.”

* * * * *

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