Accidents Will (500)

Chan said, “With the last name of Lee, it might be tough to find them, even if you knew what city.”

“Maybe I could take out ads in newspapers over there?”

“That would be a possibility, but then you might be exposing them to difficulties with the Yus.  Remember, your father was working undercover.”

This was true.  The good news, at least, was that they were relatives on our whacked out family tree who weren’t criminals.

I said, “Maybe we can go down to the ship and talk to the crew?”

“Yes, we should.”  He paused.  “Do we know the name of the ship?”


“Well, I’ll ask Bobby to move on that.”

I said, “In the meantime, I’ll make the same arrangements I did for my mom.  I’ll have my dad taken to O‘ahu Cemetery.  I’ll ask them to hold him for a while until we see if our family can be contacted.”

The Lieutenant dropped me off.  I went in and walked directly to my dad’s room.  The doctor and nurse were gone.  My dad was covered with a sheet.  I pulled it back and looked at his face.  It definitely didn’t look like him.  With his spirit, or soul, or energy, or whatever it was that had departed, this body was no longer my father.

I called the mortuary and they came to take my dad.  They worked with such seeming indifference.  It’s a good thing, maybe, to be unaffected by death.

I went out to the kitchen and made coffee.  When I flipped on the TV, Days of Our Lives was showing.  A soap opera.  Just what I needed.

All of a sudden, the station broke in with a developing story.  There’d been an explosion down at Pier 17, and a fire was raging.  The fire and smoke looked like something out of the attack on Pearl Harbor.

It couldn’t be.  I called a cab.  The driver said Nimitz at Piers 16 – 19 was blocked off but he’d drop me as close as he could.

The fire raged.  There plenty of fire trucks involved, and boats with water cannons doused the area as well.  Crowds jammed the barrier points.

I felt someone tap me on the shoulder.  I turned to find Sergeant Stillman behind me.

“Sergeant, hi, you’re looking for my dad’s boat, right?”

“I was just with the Harbor Master,” he said.  “Your dad’s boat is called the Saga.  It’s moored at Pier 17.”

We both looked toward Pier 17.  All of the boats we could see were on fire.

“I can’t believe it,” I said.  “Do you think it’s an accident?”

Stillman gave a derisive laugh and shook his head.  “Yeah, it’s an accident, all right.  Like if one of  Gi Yu’s goons puts a gun to your head, pulls the trigger, and accidentally blows your brains out.”  He gave a disgusted nod to the whole scene.  “I’d bet, Mister Lee, that we’re gonna find out this accidental explosion took place aboard the Saga.”

* * * * *

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