Should We Stay or Should We Go? (500)

Should I stay or should I go?  I down the rest of my beer.  I’m so tired, and between the beer and the grass, my brain iss foggy.

Should I stay or should I go?  I’m the best drinking and dope smoking driver I know.  Everyone says so.  I can drink a case of beer, smoke any number of fat ones, and still drive a straight line.

Should I stay or should I go?  Where is she anyway?

Should I stay or should I go?  “Hey, Chris!”  She turns.  I see the look on her face.  It’s not a smile, not by a long shot.  I love that face, I mean, when it’s not giving me that particular look.  She’s beautiful, Chinese-Hawaiian, long black hair, a nice body, and those ankles.  I love them.  She has great, I mean great legs.  She laughs at my jokes.

Should I stay or should I go?  She’s talking to him again.  Who is that?  “Hey, Chris!” I yell again.  “you wanna go?”

She gets up and comes over.  “David, please, everyone is looking at you like there’s something wrong with you.”

“Should we stay or should we go?” I ask her.

“You shouldn’t drive in this condition,” she says.  “You how you drive when you’re like this.”

“Who’s that you’re talking to?” I ask.

“A friend from school.  John.”

“Are you tired of me?” I ask.


“Are you tired of going out with me.  I always take you to the same places, we always do the same things.  Do you think I’m boring?”

She looks at me and smiles.  “No, I don’t think you’re boring.”

I stop, take this in.  She says she’s not bored, but . . .

“Do you wanna take a break from each other?”

She stares at me.  She’s not smiling now.  The look on her face, I can’t figure . . .  She starts crying.

What did I just say again?  Why did I say it?

Now she’s really crying.  Crying like I’ve never seen.  She turns around and runs over to this John guy.  He stands up, hugs her.  He says something to her.  The two of them head for the door, he with his arm around her.  I watch them leave.  Now I can see everyone looking at me, shaking their heads, David’s an idiot.

And I am an idiot.  Now I gotta leave, hopefully catch them on the street.  Find out what’s up.  I’m panicking.  What if I never see her again?

Out in the parking lot I see them.  He’s got his arms around her.  What the hell did I say?  I say, “Chris, I’m sorry, I’m so sorry for what I said.”

This John guy tells me to back off. Chris is looking back and forth between us.  Making a choice?

I think about punching this John guy.  I stop myself.

“Chris,” I say, reaching out my hand.  “I’m sorry.”

She takes my hand and we go, and keep going, keep going.

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