Madonna Behind Glass

I said, You’re so appealing,
you set my mind reeling,
lady I got a powerful feeling
I’m about to fall hard.

I could see she was reading something,
but that didn’t stop me from talking.

I said, I’m dizzy to the point of crazy,
see my vision’s getting awfully hazy,
come on, lady, please amaze me,
step off now and say you love me. 

I saw her turn the page.
It was a newspaper.

I said, Say you’ll come along,
help me write one righteous song
about how two good people
did everything we could to
bridge the gap between us
act on a moment’s impulse.

She looked up, glanced through the glass.
Maybe she noticed me staring at her,
standing stunned on the sidewalk,
finding words for this fantastic someone 
from the other side of the window.

Then the bus door closed, she pulled away,
and I wished and hummed about that woman,
all the way back on my long walk home.

Happy #WriterSunday : ) Today’s writing prompt is


Use the #WritingPrompt to inspire a piece of writing, a haiku, a sentence or two, and then post that piece a a comment below. I’d love to read it : )

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