Rain (HS 122)

Starts a bit of off-white in the corner of your eye, a small
storm cloud, a tiny spy, that spot, surveillance of your scene,
recording it, a microfilm translucent black dot storing,
evidence of all those secret transactions,
you in collusion with some other side.  I sigh
to think of that littlest reflection, so not too small
to be overlooked, forgotten, how now I see it all,
everything exposed, divulged in a deluge, our downfall
in the telltale tear that drops to the ground, gravity
of splatter on the hard, cold in between us grown,
before I could reach out, catch it, say something,
the reflex of age and time disappeared somewhere
with the sun, gone beyond this brutal weather system
that wants to hang on forever now over our islands.

* * * * *

Today’s word is


Use it to inspire a piece of writing and then post that piece as a comment below. I would love to read it : )

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