Beach Gathering Impressions

Where there was nothing, a blank canvas,
then there was something, gatherings,
celebrations of life continuing
into the twilight, with laughter, singing,
and the smell of hibachis, firing at the center,
party mood, on into the dark after the sun
moved on, and now down, the douse and red-orange
spark of ash and splash cooled fires, watered down to rising steam, 
die lonely dots fading, smoking into darkness
on this magic beach, where hot coals grow cold,
templates of clay, molded models played, struck tents fall,
are bagged, the last not lost, we, washed ashore, maybe
when some changing storm was tossing on the sea,
and we, blank tablets tempest tossed, eons ago
came up to here, now bring in
a new year, from raucous laughter we go to hugged goodbyes
made long until we may meet again, packed up
and walking back against the night, those things we may never do,
burning for a chance, heading home into the middle distance or more,
we may not see all of us drive away again, apart forever painted
young once, oh how in our time we have come to end up here.

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