Hawaiʻi Sonnet 108 (runaway)

Oh yes I do, I do understand you now,
and I believe.  Don’t you hear that scratch
of my pen, running wild and free. Oh no,
but in review, I’m eye-opened wide, see I’ve forgotten
to use the inkling marks, so shines snow white now so, the winter
scene a piece of paper, stark evidence of nothing staring back at me,
the error of my missing words, all run outdoors
to see the other side of my emptied head, then flee.
I hear you, teacher of the anatomic word on cue,
story how now brown cowed we learn to laugh
at our mismakes, work at this until and not tale ourselves
too seriously.  For one day, I earned from you, black?
White? Just write, with ink, for even this will be funny, I
know I will laugh at myself for not remembering the pain lightly.

* * * * *

Today’s word is


Use it in, or to inspire, a piece of writing, and then post what you write as a comment below. I’d love to read it. A hui ho : )

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