To begin with

Today’s plain fact, blinded and bewildered
by time, becomes tomorrow’s stumbling fiction,
fraying, blurring, sharp edges wearing, center sucked, stands empty, cannot hold the spin out of control,
the forceful crash, abrupt bumper
of cushions, three, four, or more,
hits and spins, felt hardened soft, and spin some more,
and bald, grows hair, shaggy, and beard and gray,
farther away, that memory, come back to me, oh
yes, it’s coming back to me, now slouching closer,
orbiting down around my gray cells,
lunatic landing,
in its own sweet time.  This planet?  Why, Earth.
Of course.
I think.
What was it?  Oh
yes, I remember.  Now,
ah, where was I again?
Did I tell you the part about?
Let me see
I recall
are these and other saving phrases.

* * * * *

Today’s word is


Use it to inspire a piece of writing, any length, any genre, and post that piece as a comment below : )

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