Hawai‘i Sonnet 97 (Wedding Guest)

It’s warm here, the end of October, the day we marry.

Here on The Bund, in sweating, modern Shanghai,
we two rise to a Western tradition, live for a moment
the borrowed style of white on white, although we will
have nothing to do with blue today, our first as the truest us,
here with this crazy photographer shooting from every angle
for posterity, pictures for our children and for theirs and for theirs.

Suddenly an old man in a wildly colored shirt, a tourist,
runs over to take our pictures too, simply
passing through, wanting to capture, he says, some of our joy
to take back with him to his home in Hawai’i.

We’re glad he is here to share this special day, and to teach us
the new word, we’ve heard and now understand from him,
how this great aloha is for us on this first day of many, many more he wishes us.

* * * * *

Todays word is


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