Hawai‘i Sonnet 95 (Aloha ‘Oe)

Two lovers who have found someone to love
will understand how the beauty of Kāne’ohe Bay,
sparkling under the windward sun, perfect
undertone of jeweled notes, melody dancing
breezes here about the Pali, celebrate you.

I look back, behold your embrace so tight, drawing you together
so there is less space between you than the faintest breath.

I have seen love, but none so strong as this, you so desiring
each other that you would be transformed
from two souls into one.

And now, riding home in meditation on this wonder I’ve witnessed,
I have come to sing Aloha ‘Oe for you, you who know
in this life, and even as your spirits travel on,
that you are and will be one with each other forevermore.

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