The Wild Man

Yesterday the sun came out to play 
only briefly now and then on Shennong mountain. 
In one of those moments where I could see 
fifty feet in front of me on the trail, I suddenly met 
the legendary Wild Man, 
famous in this area, as much so as is 
Bigfoot, or Sasquatch, or the Yeti. 

He does not appear often to people, 
there are very few reports of sightings 
over the centuries, 
and because I am only here briefly, 
a tourist passing through China, 
I felt doubly honored not only to see him 
but to ask him to take a picture with me. 
Amazingly, he understood English — 
since he supposedly doesn’t even speak 
any Chinese dialect — so we posed, 
arms around each other’s shoulders, 
and I snapped a selfie. 

I asked him if he would like me 
to email him a copy of the photo, 
but he said he had no internet access 
this high up – we were at nearly 8000 feet – 
and of course he had no cell phone. 

I asked him if it were okay to write about him, 
and after pondering the idea for a moment, 
he agreed that it would be all right, 
since no one would believe me anyway, 
would all say I’d used Photoshop or some such thing 
to make it appear that I’d seen him. 

He said he had to run 
away from people again, 
so we shook hands and parted ways. 

He turned once to wave goodbye, 
and then I was alone again on the misty trail. 

When I arrived at the hotel, 
I was anxious to post the photo on Facebook, 
but when I looked for it on my phone 
it was nowhere to be found.

* * * * *

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