a stabbing rampage

If I could have awakened this morning,
my wish for the world around me coming true,
I would have jumped out of bed
shouting that whole today
being that first day
of the rest of your life bit.

I would have preferred not to
jump, feet first, into the mess
of the unpleasant present,
the gift of grotesque government,
our overflowing pool of sorrow at Mauna Kea,
our dying planet unraveling, flayed
bit by brittle bit,
nowhere on her is there peace,
everywhere there is disintegration
into bitter pieces,
all violence and groping violation.

Everything that does not kill you
will make you stronger, they say,
and I am closer to death each day,
growing weaker by each minute I’m awake.

* * * * *

Today’s word is


Use it in any kind of writing you like, short or long, a sentence or a song, and post it and link to me, or just drop it into the comments below. I would love to read what you wrote.

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