Hawaiʻi Sonnet 64 (for DS)

last night at the alumni reunion
I remembered how Dan and I
the inside push bar not working
got locked in the cafeteria refrigerator
while loud live bands played on the MPB stage

nobody heard us banging on the door
so we drank a lot of non-alcoholic apple cider in there
because we were young and health-conscious in 10th-grade
wouldn’t turn to harder stuff until 11th-grade

At the time we didn’t think
about the idea of dying in there
because they had to keep restocking the soft drinks at the counter

so we knew we’d live
to take an eventual desperate pee


  1. Yeah, but we young and optimistic and stupid, so we had a blast in there. If it had happened last night, I would have freaked out, but I always test that inside push bar now, and I leave the door wide open.


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