emptiness visited him often (for AE)

to be so tangled in the vast ocean of unknowing
each time a journey to the puzzling heart core mystery
all a piecing of the same vast fabric
his heated preparation never hindered

for he threw himself into the where all will be provided
limitless ideas for a Picasso of the oddest angled tales
bending reality of this then that in words packed
with the trying out of every form of babbling speech

he hunted down and captured everything
sidestepping stripped down bones
for him there were no skeleton barren pricks
of see through fragment structures

each a warp and weft array of infinite curved speech
each a jagged sparking fountain soaring
like spouting hammer-handed magma
apotheosis of a burning book upon book

sliding frenzy round his dizzy sloshing table top
each inky fabrication running a stitched together rant
of paintings stretched universally broad across
immeasurable canvasses, replete with sentence holes

that sucked the tale parts deep up
and sank them broadstroking
to the depths of the infinite darkness
that forever plagued his epic soul

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