This is what I think will happen

Here’s my draft for today, Saturday 05.18.19

This is what I think will happen (for AT)

I made this pot for you, hand-built
not thrown mechanically, not on a wheel

The hairline crack came from the firing
the walls too thick, my technique not what it was

I keep the cold at home, air-conditioning I hate
to remind me of winter and the aroma of your overcoat

At times I think I hear your footsteps
nightly on the floor above my bed, patting

Soon, then, I feel your warmth come join me
when then it will cut the cold air in half

Perhaps an email, since I publish that address
everywhere I can to increase the odds

Or a real letter in my mailbox, my address remembered
when I come home, late in the evening, I think

And even if, I know, I stare too much
at the screen on my phone, I do

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