Here’s what my love for you is like

Here’s my draft for today, Tuesday 05.14.19.

Here’s what my love for you is like

My love for you affects me
primarily in two areas.


My love for you is a little like
a tornado inside my brain
you know, with everything whirling around
like in The Wizard of Oz, with a house
and a cow, and a tree, and a tractor, and the Eiffel Tower
and various and sundry other heavyweight detritus
smashing all my gray matter to smithereens
jackhammering every cell into a gooey stew
of a melted grayish aspic nature
perhaps quite soon to jelly up
jiggle into a kind of good old Midwestern potluck mold
while my stroke struck lifeless body chills
on a refrigeration slab in the morgue


My love for you is in my chest as well
specifically in my heart
which is now conglomerated like a thousand-page novel
written as one long sentence
without punctuation
feels like a Finnegan’s Wake woven to the fourth power
so densely constructed
that only the bravest of Ph.D. candidates
would attempt to construe its meaning
a veritable Alan Turing attacking, behold
a second Rosetta Stone unearthed
a gobbledygook appearing accretion
replete with strange parenthetical grunts and odd huffs
a goulashed mass of symbols, some alien alphabet
that approximates intelligible bits of narrative
with the scarcity of hen’s teeth
and is chockfull willy-nilly
with excess unassigned adverbs and adjectives
churned around in arch confusion with bizarre pictures
of ligers and mutant pandas and multitudinous styles
of what appear to be hats
such that only the boldest doctoral candidate
would select it for the subject of his or her dissertation
and then, miraculously, would actually find a professor
kind enough to direct this über-herculean undertaking
no pun intended, as this bravest of interpreters
would perhaps grow ancient before the day of being hooded
or more likely shrouded, his masterpiece
of close reading probably published postmortem

Well, so okay, I just kind of wanted you to know
approximately, how being in love with you
affects me

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