Hawaiʻi Sonnet 52 (Love Bugs)

Here’s my draft for today, Thursday 05.09.19.

Hawaiʻi Sonnet 52 (Love Bugs)
I know you have to live inside these words
where I’ve found definite traces of you, clues
as I write about you, more surely than a ghost
who’s all the time haunting me, hiding behind
the letters, smaller than a clever sugar cube
a microscopic muppet, a lady bug’s lady bug
flitting through these lines so quickly golden
I can never quite catch up to you, dodging me
in hide-and-seek, sometimes so tall and thin
the height of an “l,” sometimes short and nubbly
grey as an “a,” scrunching down so close to the paper
that my eye runs past you, screeching at the end
of the final sentence, retracing my words from that period
researching and rewriting you one more time again

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