Girl meets Boy.
Boy is blind.
Girl joins another Girl in bank robbery for money to finance corneal transplants.
Girl is caught and goes to prison.
Girl’s Partner in Crime escapes.
Boy promises Girl he will wait for her.
Boy never visits Girl in prison.
Girl is paroled only to find Boy has married Partner in Crime.
Boy apologizes to Girl for not visiting or waiting.
Boy says Partner in Crime constantly berates him for being blind.
Angered Girl calls out Partner in Crime.
Girl is fatally wounded by Partner in Crime in heated exchange.
Boy calls out to Girl at sound of gunshot but she’s unconscious.
Boy locates Girl who dies in Boy’s arms without speaking another word.
Boy professes undying love for deceased Girl even though she can’t hear him anymore.
Partner in Crime is arrested and goes to prison.
Boy is granted divorce from jailed Partner in Crime.
Boy turns away from the world and becomes priest.
Priest Boy and Nun fall in love.
Priest Boy and Nun leave the church and open a winery in Napa Valley.
Ex-Priest Boy and Ex-Nun find making wine is their true calling, become millionaires, and live happily ever after.
Until their fatal car accident.

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