Science Suggests Spiders Dream

Like the intricate webs they conceive in waking life,
spiders minds may spin cognitively complex dreams.
If a spider does dream, of what does it dream?
Catching the largest fly as recorded by Guinness . . .
Becoming President of the United States in a landslide victory . . .
Traveling to the moon to play zero-gravity pickleball . . .
Being cast as the next James Bond, coached by Daniel Craig,
and designing its own Omega watch model . . .
Having a magic mirror that always confirms it is the fairest of them all . . .
Living in the most beautiful garden it can imagine, forever,
immortal, with fair skies and balmy breezes each day into eternity.

Or none of these, but something humans cannot imagine,
have never heard or thought of and never could or would,
some secretive desire spun only in a spider’s richly labyrinthine mind.

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