Roll Call

Bespoke? Where are you, Bespoke? I see you there, Bespoke.
For me personally, sorry to see you go, but custom says go you must.

Curated? Ah, well yes, Curated, you could change your name
to Curate, but you’d still be headed out. Yes, of course,
we’ve already alerted everyone, Curated, so we’re not going
to confuse you with work done in museums and such.

Icon? Yes, Icon, aka Iconic. I see you trying to hide
behind Curated, big guy, but let’s face it, you’re about
as famous an offender as there is, and therefore so very easy to spot.

Literally? Literally! Is it possible you’re still here?
You are, Literally, the most overused word in English,
and, I daresay, the most overused in any living language.

Optics! Hey, the way I see it, you dug your own grave, Optics.
Once you were appropriated from the science of you,
you didn’t fight, just went with the flow to appear amiable.
But you looked weak, Optics, and once perceived that way, adios.

So there’s the cover, you four. Don’t let it hit you in the ass,
figuratively speaking, on the way out, but do let it, literally.
And don’t ever show yourselves around here even if you try
to sneak in with the tag of ‘archaic’ tacked onto your entry.

Those are the four banished for today, the rest of you.
As always, let this be a lesson to all: Never allow
people to overuse, misuse, abuse, or bastardize you.
Stay strong, brothers and sisters, stay alphabetorily strong.

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