After all, once you’ve discovered something that’s important enough,
learned all about a subject that eventually shapes your entire world,
found a livelihood around which your whole life’s purpose revolves,
mightn’t it be there existed no need to concern yourself with anything else?

It was harder to use tools, the hand tremors growing more grave.
He’d drop them with regularity these days, and the sound they made
when they clanged against the concrete floor vibrated to his core,
played to his ears like echoing trumpets blaring down the end of days.

His father had been a mechanic, and he’d learned his love of cars from him.
He’d never married, been so caught up in his romance with automobiles
that time passed him by and left him here now, his one irrevocable regret
that he’d never had a child to whom he could pass on his love for this work.

But then the kid drove in, asked if he could hear this knocking sound, and he knew,
hearing her articulate the problem, he could teach this young woman everything.

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