A break for her came, the grading of papers and the teaching done.
The quiet pulse of what’s to do next, the question for the eager living.
No time to die, after all, when your dream world’s opening before you,
and all you envisioned driving forward arrives just in time.

It was a tough day to work toward, to spend your life giving
to everyone who asked and to those who only wanted.
But she did it, gladly, even if sometimes the tasks begged questions,
as the asker demanded what was clearly beyond the pale.

Most of her patience came from roots, a rock solid foundation,
her large and loving family, supportive always in all ways.
And her stalwart belief that her time for her would come,
while she ground down that stone, her nose sharper than most.

In the end, I saw, she’d as good as torn Fenris’s jaws apart,
so deserved Vidar’s quiet cobbling in that garden of peace at last.

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