Now he saw their relationship in the way stakeholder analysis works,
wished he’d thought more about this deal when they first started dating.
The best way to foresee what potential troubles there may be
is from an objective front end look, before you’re smack into losing.

He’d bought her a necklace, a floating heart, that fateful day
he’d declared his intention to rise to the next level of romance.
When she had him put in on first and admired its tight fit,
he should have known by foreshadowing who’d choke in the end.

When he took it off and then snapped the clasp around her neck,
he shivered at a vision where he might have kept tightening it.
It’s bad to begin a romance immediately murdering your intended,
especially with the gift expressing your deepest seated feelings.

When she threw that necklace off of Magic Island, which struck him dumb,
he recovered to wonder might he find it out there and get a full refund.

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