They were both art majors, both painters, a heavenly Art Department match
who bought a home on ‘Ālewa Heights, and sectioned the top floor into two rooms, 
so that each had a separate studio in which to work in absolute isolation.
This way, they believed, they would do better work than if they shared a single space.

She enjoyed listening to classical music when she worked,
whereas he needed complete quiet in order to connect with his muse.
The wall they’d constructed turned out too thin to block out his wife’s music,
and when he asked if she could turn it down, she suggested double-wall soundproofing.

He told her to think about it, whether it would be easier to build the second wall,
or for her simply to turn a knob to lower the volume of the music.
His tone of voice did not sit well with her, so she utilized a palette knife
in an unconventional way to resolve the noise argument permanently.

The air-tight double wall she built both improved her studio’s acoustics
and ensured she’d never hear anything again from the other side.

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