When she realized she could see through the back of her head,
a strange man had approached from behind, and she saw him coming.
Fortunately, nothing happened, there was no encounter, no interaction.
He merely walked toward her from the rear and kept on going past her.

This strange new way of seeing startled her, as it would any 10 year old.
She tried immediately to repeat the feat, straining to turn her eyes around. 
Unable to use her backwards vision again just then, she decided to tell
no one of her power until the time she could use her skill when she wanted.

As days passed, while waiting for the bus, she strained to look behind her,
but no matter how hard she tried to master this strange skill she possessed,
she was unable to repeat that first moment of magical rear vision.
Practicing hard over the years, she’d missed many buses she’d not seen coming.

One day, however, as she sat laboring again to rotate her eyes to the rear,
she suddenly decided to pluck them out and physically turn them around.

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