My Ambitious Poem

When I woke up this morning, I wanted to write my first 1000 line poem.
Ambitious, perhaps, but it’s been my dream, and today was as good as any other.
I sat at my desk staring at a blank screen for what must have been an hour,
with nothing to show for that first hour’s work, not a line, not a word, not an inkling. 
Maybe, I thought, I’ve scared myself witless by setting such an ambitious goal?
How about I shoot for something less grand and work my way up from there?
Wondering what would be easily accomplished, I finally decided to try
composing the best line of poetry ever penned, how much easier 1 than 1000.
I did my best to ferret out that immortal line that lies deep within each of us,
but after another hour of pulling my hair, I adjusted my goal one more time.
What about if I try to come up today with the best “found” poem ever borrowed?
Thus I hit on the idea of simply listing every bard ever published in English.
As an added bonus this found poem of mine might even get me near 1000 lines,
but after racking my brain for a few more hours, I’d come up with only three names.
They were Chaucer, Shakespeare, and Milton only, I couldn’t recall any others.
And just by luck did I remember Milton because I had to go to the john.
How it gnawed at me as I stood there thinking that my list might not be complete.
Might there not be women or persons of color I’d somehow ignorantly overlooked?
But after another hour the truth dawned on me that even if others existed,
simply listing their names as a found poem I’d “written” would be a blatant act of plagiarism.
So in the end, after toiling many long hours, I’ve settled for what you have here.
It’s nowhere near a thousand lines, nor is there a great line to be seen,
still it’s a stab at my most ambitious poem ever.

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