Tourists Everywhere

This industry — I see it in my travels, the flood of tourists and their money,
spreading out and sprawling shades, hats, phones, and rubbish planet-wide.
“Welcoming” them, Antarctica to the Arctic and everywhere else, makes interpretation
of that term seem to mean “please overrun us at our imminent peril,” words
not comprehended, naïve smiles and cash registers ringing out context, the order
of the times only to fulfill visitor fantasies, adventures, shrouding the fact
that everywhere we tourists go, we’re trampling over all of us to death.
People of the earth, we need everywhere to take many steps back, to seriously
rethink how we make this sort of money, from Antarctica to the Artic, we would,
must make change a high priority, must undo our ignorant complicity
in destruction of all natural beauty, stop crumpling
our earth that needs to celebrate life again before its birthday
candles are all blown out and darkness descends.
We must be gearing everywhere for the conscientiously best
and not keep encouraging and feeding the worst we can be
before all visitors and hosts become just faded, distant memories,
the cosmos taking everything back to resurrect its creation dream.

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