Taste of the Place

We eat well on this tour, a different restaurant for most meals.
The breakfasts included at each of our hotels provide a variety
of foods we can find back home, the difference is the Korean food section.

Bob looks at my plate and asks me why I’m not eating the kimchi this morning.
I can gauge a restaurant’s quality by the taste of their kimchi, and always do so.
If they can’t make it like my grandmother did, then I don’t care for the place.

Most of our hotel stays are for one night only, but this was our second night here,
so I’d tried their kimchi the first morning, and that was enough for me.
When I bit into it, the first thing I didn’t see was my grandmother’s smiling face.

This morning, I tell Bob, I knew the kimchi was an easy pass.
He asks me what I saw when I ate it, if not my grandmother’s face?
I tell him I did see her face, but that she was staring into a garbage can.

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