Beauty’s Truth

Close as night and day, you say,
we’re friends, just friends, for now,
so let’s see what happens, you say.
Bark to a tree, white on rice,
we’re that close, all right, so close
I can nearly taste you now, about
to roll you around on my tongue, savor
and swallow you whole; how sweet
my mouth waters with you, with the blue
of ocean, the orange of fire, all spice
and so cool too – and what’s closer
than wrong to right, that time is now,
to reach out now; but beauty’s far enough away,
Hawai ‘i to New Mexico’s a chasm, so
let’s narrow that divide, bribe time to run a race,
speed up what’s now a start, and carry us
breathless, quicker near the goal and winning.
Friendship’s not love, love’s not friendship,
that’s all the gap I know, and all you need to know
is close the light to dark line down with me.

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