All Those Miles

Taking hits between rehearsing scenes of Oliver!
Smoking all the time during dances and concerts
Driving home smashed Saturday nights from Wai‘alae Drive-In
Drunk in the high school parking lot after basketball games
Partying loud on Kāhala Beach or soft at Hanauma Bay
Swimming when I could barely find my way to shore
Hiking stoned around Tantalus or the ‘Aiea Loop Trail
Wandering train tracks hallucinating my way home
Flying back with Jack and Bud as my co-pilots
Drinking cheap wine in a friend’s dark garage
Watching movies laughing at what was funny to me alone
Slumped on my bedside nodding time to King Crimson 
If I could roll up all those times into a ball
I might wake up in Sir John’s parking lot at dawn

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