“Isn’t that cute?”

“Uh huh.”

I’m sure it’s a question of time, that love may conquer all, but behind my answer is a kind of sadness since I know I should be honest, know truthfulness is the foundation of a relationship, but . . .

“Oh my, that’s ugly, don’t you think?”

I love that it feels like a painting of the sea, except rather than portray an ocean with the typical horizon line, this shows something beyond that, stretching out to eternity, then surprising you because it indicates what comes after that.

“Yeah, well, abstracts, what can you say?”

We reach the rear end of this indoor farmer’s market dominated by non-farmeresque booths, fruits and vegetables and honey taking a back seat. I’m sure farmers have hobbies too, like painting and pottery and macrame and wood carving and T-shirt printing and everything else on display and more.

“I don’t see anything I want.”

“Me either.”

“Wait.  What’s that that over there?  Lots of people are looking at it.  Let’s go see.”

I spot the exit door up ahead, see someone disappear outside, check my watch, wonder whether this woman and I will work out.

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