I Had a Dream

This morning I had an enormous idea.
I’m talking it was spectacular, my friends.

I woke up from a dream where I
was going door to door asking people
to join together in being kind to each other,
and to be accepting of one another’s differences.
Some people looked at me as if I were insane.
Others gave me a serious look, a sign,
I believed, of their willingness to consider the matter.
The vast majority, however, greeted me
and my message with smiling agreement.
We were kindred spirits in concert with the idea
that this would be a wonderful thing,
that they were completely on board with me.

No, I guess I woke up from a dream where I
had almost every door closed on me,
few people willing to waste their time listening to me,
and I could even see where scared
and sullen people stood silently
eyeing me through peepholes or curtained windows
refusing even to answer the door at all.

Actually, sorry, I think I woke up from a dream where I
vaguely recalled wanting something good to happen,
but knowing in the ache of my back
that whatever it was I wanted to see come about,
it might have been a good idea, maybe?
But it was lost in the fog of all forgotten dreams.

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