From who has been to who will be here?
Questions to answer like a color commentator.
Opportunities I choose to select people,
picture background stories, fill in the blanks
from ghosts to shimmering future comers.
The range of he did this, and she’ll do that.
Was she from there? He’ll be from where?
Why’d they do that? Why did they not?
The last breath: How did the journey end?
What will they say? How will they feel?
Where will they go? Will they find what?

I write past, present, future bits of lives this way,
piece together tales from fragments sown to bloom.

All color commentary, the writing passion.
Traveling the world, focusing on figures
walking past, or ones behind windows,
who sat, eating, to read, squares of light or dark,
opening up slices of life to the day or night.

I imagine the ones who were there, watch my
worldwide contemporaries, see subsequent souls,
who played, sing, will fight, some dream, washed dishes, will sleep,
looking out that window on their part of the world, perhaps
wonder about me driving past, some stranger they might imagine
would write details of my life, to tell the world who he thinks I was,
am, will be – something making up him in making up me.

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