Looking As If She Were Alive (for Robert Browning)

The last meaning what? This guy.
I’ve read enough stories, seen enough movies and TV shows
to know that there’s always the possibility, no matter how slim,
of murder.

What? Oh, yes, so true, how she looks so lifelike in it.

How hard it is to paint a portrait where you’d believe
you were seeing the person herself sitting there, not a painterly representation.
Isn’t there always allowance for the artist’s personal interpretation of a subject,
always altering reality just a bit, 
the personal flair, the signature style.
I’m fascinated by the work of the super-realists,
their paintings where you can’t tell at first glance
if you’re looking at a painting or a photograph.
Before there were photos, there were no painters
who wanted to produce mirror images of the world.
It wasn’t until after the invention of photography
that the Photorealists arose.
Imagine that.
It took the invention of photography for artists
to want to paint as if they themselves were cameras.
Does that make sense? Seems odd.
As if it took a photograph perfectly capturing reality
to make these hyper-realist artists wish to capture reality perfectly.
Wouldn’t it be easier just to take a photo?
What a time-saver that would be.

Oh, sorry, so sorry. My mind wandered while we talked.
What was that you were saying about your next wife?
Ah yes, that you’re in the market for one.

He has a way with words, this guy.
Quite the romantic.
I wonder if he’ll have trouble acquiring his latest model?

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