Traveler’s Mileage Rewards

You regret it now, the random encounter you had while on vacation,

when your genitals burn you awake in the wee hours back home.

You believed that was all behind you, a pleasant globetrotting memory.

The ludicrous image of her manager flying over and beating your face in because

you’ve decided to call the credit card company now,

does not make you smile at all, scratching yourself raw at 3:00 a.m.,

while they have you on hold because all the representatives are busy,

two weeks after the fact, angrily prompted to dispute the charge pointlessly.

Certainly, you can’t see yourself showing up to fight this in small claims court.

This is what would best be termed collateral holiday damage.

Think on the bright side:  You came home with more than you bargained for.

Consider it a moral tale, the extra benefit that is the unwise traveler’s bonus lesson.

Not exactly picture postcard material, but you really shouldn’t have expected better.

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