Better Luck

Steel, maybe, lots of steel.

Perhaps concrete by the boat-loads.

Wood, really, I would rather not use.

Impermanence has proved a problem before.

Forget war.

With water rot and termites, we’ll get by without, no doubt.

When I found out that 2x4s weren’t 2×4 anymore, I was floored.

They’re 1.5 x 3.5, so calling them 2×4’s deceitful.

Why use a building material whose name’s a lie?

Give me something honest; I’d go with stone.

Granite: the word says it all. Solid, dependable.

Wood? The very word sounds questionable.

Short of earthquakes and severe natural disasters stone should hold.

Better than steel, which sounds a bit deceitful, too.

Look around. You can see how rock stands up.

We’ll all be dead again before a stone-constructed world wears down.

Nothing’s permanent, of course, as we’ve plainly seen.

But maybe if we make it all of stone, we’ll stand a better chance next time around.

If ever there is a World War IV, we want to stand a chance, at least.

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