Getting To Know You

We held a first party yesterday, those of us who could finally attend.
After all this time being apart so much, we seemed
like strangers to each other all over again.
And after we’d reacquainted ourselves with each other,
there was one person in the crowd I couldn’t identify.

Last night, dreaming, I could feel the energetic hand of him,
his single index finger pointing at me from somewhere out there.
That focused energy stiffened me in my sleep like a desert sun baking bricks.
It seemed to be withering the water of me away, a feather in the heat,
the waves obscuring me with their wavering curtain in every direction.

His name still escapes me, but he was there
because he’d always been a part of our group.
It’s bothering me so much, the not knowing him,
I must figure it out before the puzzle brittles me to dust.

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